Welcome to Chevalier, New Zealand's largest equestrian wholesaler and manufacturer.

After 28 years at Kingsland, Chevalier has moved to 933 Waitakere Rd, Kumeu, P 412 7400, E info@chevalier.co.nz. They still have all their unique manufacturing capabilty, being able to produce custom leather and canvas wear, equestrian clothing and gear. Product is available at leading saddleries or at horselands.co.nz.

Chevalier was first established over 30 years ago, and is still very proudly New Zealand made and stocked throughout the country in selected retailers. Widely renowned for their high quality, their products are in demand overseas with regular exports to Japan and the United States.

Specialising in leatherwear,  Chevalier produces the Kreiger brand of leather saddes and boots and synthetic Royale range of saddles.  Other items produced are hunt jackets using Scottish Calvary twill wool, jodphurs, canvas, show and turnout rugs.

Approved wholesale account customers may access this website and place orders by logging into the online catalogue to the left. 

Chevalier is the sole distributor of Troxel products, a best seller in the USA.
Troxel's mission is to provide the finest most innovative performance headwear for all riders.  With an emphasis on research and development, Troxel are constantly updating technologies, materials, style and fit and are committed to the quality of their products.  With a wide range of styles available, and a washable liner, there is a helmet to suit every rider in every condition.                            
Chevalier is the New Zealand agent for Effax and Effol. Experienced show and leisure riders all over the world trust these reliable German made brands.
High-grade, natural components guarantee the quality standard of their complete range. For over 90 years this company have been doing everything possible to keep your horse vigorous, strong and healthy. The Effax Leather-Care Program ensures that your riding equipment is always well maintained and perfectly clean. 

Chevalier is also pleased to be New Zealand agents for the Happy Mouth Bit range.  Happy Mouth bits are well respected world over, and continue to be a pleasure to use for both horse and ride. A favourite with trainers, Happy Mouth bits are covered with a soft, flexible, yet extremely durable apple scented plastic which encourages acceptance and softness. New in the Happy Mouth range are the Centre Revolver Bits. The centre revolver features a lozenge with 360 degree rotational split centre. The lozenge allows an even distribution of pressure on the tongue. Each rein is able to work independently increasing the effectiveness of the aids without the bit lifting uncomfortably in the horse’s mouth. These bits are particularly good for horses that tend to lean on one rein.

For all of these products and more, plus now an extensive supply of horse feeds and supplements, please visit our Horselands stores in Kumeu, Drury and Hamilton or Horselands.co.nz