KBF99 Hoof Brush Grey Stiff Bristle

KBF99 H1

KBF99 Hoof Brush with stiff bristles.
The new range of KBF99 products brings a revolution to Horse Health Care Launched by Vale Brothers, KBF99 products will assist in the prevention of infection and reinfection of these troublesome and painful diseases. KBF99 has been tested by Coventry University using the standard test for Anti Microbial Activity. Laboratory tests resulted in KBF99 material killing 99% of the bacteria test culture. Any reduction of harmful bacteria and fungus in the stable environment assists in reducing the chances of the diseases being transmitted from horse to horse. The KBF99 product range has been developed to help protect and safeguard horses and in some cases humans from contracting these and other conditions.

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KBF99 Hoof Brush Grey Stiff Bristle

KBF99 Hoof Brush>