Effax Waxed Cotton Oilskin Repair

200 gm Reproofing Cream

If you have a trusty old waxed cotton jacket, the chances are the years of use will have taken their toll. It may have faded and lost its wax in places. But that doesnt means it is time to part company and put it in the recycling container. Certainly not! This is the perfect job for effax Wax Cotton. First choice when it comes to caring for waxed jackets and trousers and re-impregnating them so they provide full rain and wind protection.

Apply effax Wax Cotton thinly and evenly to the dry, clean garment using a sponge, cloth or brush with a circular action.

After treating with effax Wax Cotton, it iss advisable to apply heat (e.g. lay the garment on a radiator turned up to maximum for at least 9 hours, or iron at medium heat, approx. 140°C). This will help the wax to penetrate more quickly into the fibres, making the impregnation more effective. Clean the sponge, cloth or brush thoroughly after each use.

Contains: Conditioning oils, lanolin

Contains: 200 ml

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Effax Waxed Cotton Oilskin Repair