Acavallo Deocel Friction Free Socks

ACSDEO.FF Blk One size 37-41

Acavallo Friction Free polyamide reduces friction, helps the skin to stay dryer, resulting into fewer skin irritations and eliminating painful blisters.

Deocell fibre ensures dry feet, and has a neutral pH.

During physical activity, friction builds up between the shoes/socks and feet. Combined with perspiration, this friction causes skin irritations and blisters. With the addition of Friction Free Polyamide, the decrease in friction helps to significantly eliminate blisters, hot spots, and abrasions, while keeping the skin cooler, drier and very comfortable.

Nano-technology of Deocell fibre ensures rapid and efficient absorption and disposal of unwanted odours and bacteria released when sweating.

One size in black. Suitable for EU shoes size 37 - 41.

Made in Italy.

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Acavallo Deocel Friction Free Socks