Grooming equipment

Braiding Kit 8 Piece

The perfect braiding tool. Contains:


Equerry Wacky Sml Body Brush Var Col Haas Annica Hansen Body Brush
Haas Annica Hansen Curry Comb Haas Annica Hansen Fine Body Brush Haas Annica Hansen Mane Brush
Haas Blue Diva Polishing Body Brush

Annica Hansen Diva
Extra cuddly units for the pony's. So...

Haas Capriole Body Brush Var Col Haas Coconut Mane Brush
Haas Diva Small Polishing Body Brush Haas Express Waterproof Brush Haas Mary Ladybug Kids Brush
Haas Pink Pummelfee Curry Comb Haas Pummelfee Mane Brush Haas Schmuseburste Cuddle Pony Body Soft brush
Haas Unicorn Diva Polishing Body Brush KBF99 Body Brush

KBF99 is a new range of products set to revolutionise horse health ...

KBF99 Mane Comb Standard

The new range of KBF99 products brings a revolution to Horse Health...

Stablemates Pony Dandy Brush Oval Shape Blue

Haas Cavaliere Ladies Horsebrush

Banana Shaped Body Brush Soft Natural Bristle
Haas Country Body Brush Hack Haas Diamond Gloss Body Brush Haas Daisy Flower Body Brush
KBF99 Dandy Brush Haas Grundy Body Brush Haas Grundy Body Brush Large
Haas Grundy Body Brush Pony Haas Pony or Head Brush Kopfburste Haas Die Furstliche Body Brush
Haas Lipizzaner Body Brush Hack Equerry Leather Backed Body Brush Haas Pinto Body Brush
Haas Damiro Body Brush Hack Var Colours Haas Body Rex Brush Cob Haas Schimmel Coconut Fibre Body Brush
Mini Wood Back Pony Body Brush Haas Uta Graf Body Brush Haas Unicorn Body Brush with Multi Bristles
Haas Body Vollblut Brush Hack Equerry Dandy Bassine

Equerry Wooden Backed Dandy Brush. With bassine bristle trimmed to ...

KBF99 Dandy Long
Haas Mane/Dandy 5cm Brush Haas Mane/Dandy Brush Equerry Dandy Mexican Whisk
Haas Noir Large Dandy Brush Equerry Dandy Soft Touch Boomerang

Boomerang brushes from the Equerry Soft Touch range.

Equerry S Line Dandy Brush
Face Brush Haas Mane & Tail Brush Haas Diva Polishing Body Brush
Haas Exclusive Diva Polishing Body Brush Haas Groovy Water Brush KBF99 Curry Comb
AlumHorse Head Mane Comb Wide Tooth Mane Comb Plastic Red Aluminium Mane Comb w Hoof Pick

Short toothed aluminium mane comb with a hoof pick/ mane divider.

Plait Aid Haas PU Rubber Curry Brush w Web Strap Haas Mini PU Rubber Curry Brush w Web Strap
Rubber Curry Brush w Web Strap Grooming Apron Bot Knife
Sweat Scraper Straight- Plastic Grooming Block - Slick n Easy Sweat Scraper Straight - SS Blade
Lister Effol Cutli Clipper

There Is no compromise In quality & engine...

Hoof Pick Straight Red Mini Grooming Kit Lavender

Currently available in Lavender  not red.  Beautiful 6 pi...

Loofah Mitt Rubber Grooming Mitt Massage Mitt w Magnets

Two side mitt with curry comb one side and magnets the other.  ...

Anti Snap Gel Bands Clear 500 Bag Effol Slick Bands

New Effol non-snap plaiting bands. Made from new elastic material. ...

Plaiting Bands Rubber
Loofah Groomer with Elastic Handle Small Sponge - Face Etc Sponge Oblong
Petite Trimming Scissors Thinning Scissors KBF99 Bucket or Hoof Brush
Haas Hoof Oil Brush Various KBF99 Hoof Brush Grey Stiff Bristle Hoof Oil Brush with Cap
Plastic Tote Caddy Blue