KBF99 is a new range of products set to revolutionise horse health care. KBF99 products will assist in the prevention of infection and reinfection of Strangles, E.Coli, Ringworm and Mycotoxin.

KBF99 is a special treatment applied to plastic. In tests carried out at Coventry University on Strangles and E.coli bacteria, KBF99 killed over 99% more bacteria than none treated plastic.

KBF99 was also shown to be over 90% more effective in killing fungi such as Ringworm and the mycotoxin Fusuriam.


KBF99 coats the surface of plastic with molecular strands (tiny spikes or swords). It is also rich in Nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge. This acts to attract the negatively charged membranes of Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and Mycotoxins and then the spikes rupture the membrane, killing the cell. The positive and negative charges then clash and the cell is blow. For more infomation see http://www.kbf99.co.uk


KBF99 Body Brush KBF99 Dandy Long KBF99 Face Brush Grey
KBF99 Curry Comb KBF99 Mane Comb KBF99 Hoof Pick Plastic Grey
KBF99 Bucket or Hoof Brush KBF99 Hoof Brush Grey Stiff Bristle